As a chapter, academics are a high priority to us. Many of our members are involved in several Honors programs at the U of A as well as a number of Honors Fraternities, such as Order of Omega. Our women are able to receive tutoring from sisters who have been through a course, partake in study hall hours throughout the week and join together to form study groups.

Our scholarship chair provides fun incentives such as having a drawing for the "smarty pants," which is for sisters who have received an A on a test and "yippee no skippee" for the chapter members who have never missed a class. A scholarship dinner is held for the sisters who have maintained a 3.5 GPA or above. Those sisters who received a 4.0 are given recognition in front of our chapter and are given a present. Our academic success is very crucial to our chapter and we want to work together to continually promote hard work.

We are constantly working to increase our chapter GPA and are proud of our academic achievements in the Greek Life Community this past year! 


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