Dad's Day 

Dad's day is always on a home game weekend... how else would we keep those boys entertained? Members usually bring their whole families for dad's day. The Saturday starts with bagels and brunch at the house followed by the members and their families usually attending the game. If not attending the game some families this past year headed up to Devil's Den, a local hiking area, and spent the day in the lovely outdoors. Other families hit the town and spent some time on the beautiful Fayetteville square. After the game or activity the family is invited back to the house where usually barbeque is served. The members can show their families the house and spend time talking to other families. 


Mom's Day

Mom's day is always a great way to kick of the fun of the second semester. It is usually held sometime in mid April or early March. The weekend starts with members bringing their moms to chicken finger Friday which is a local tradition where the house serves up chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, green beans and mac and cheese for lunch every Friday. The new moms are always pretty excited to learn what the hype of CFF is all about. That night the moms and daughters are all invited to a fun activity usually bowling, gocarting or sometimes mini golf. Saturday a mothers brunch is held where members bring their moms, grandmas or even aunts. This year brunch was held on the square at the Fayetteville Convention Center, and catered. The mother daughter pairs listened to speakers and enjoyed eachothers company, every 4 years there is even a mothers day ritual held. The day is finished up with members taking their guests shopping around the square or maybe to mani pedis. Mom's day is always such a special ocassion because members get to share with their mothers something they are so passionate about. 

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